Your First Visit

The first visit with the dentist can sometimes be frightening for a child. Our staff does the very best they can to make it as comfortable and enjoyable an experience for you and your child alike.

Here you can find the basic outline of what your child’s first visit will be like at Augusta Pediatric Dentistry.

Before You Arrive

Before you even step through the door, you can know Augusta Pediatric Dentistry is the right place for your child. Here on our website you can browse several options our staff offers, so you can find exactly what your child needs. If you have any specific questions about procedures, be sure to call our office and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist you.

When You Arrive

Once you get to our office, you and your child will be welcomed in by one of our friendly staff members. We believe the best practice puts service for your child above self. Your child deserves the very best care possible, and we strive in all ways to offer that to them.

We follow the Golden Rule in our office, meaning we wouldn’t give or recommend anything to your child we wouldn’t want recommended to our own children.

The Waiting Room

While your child is waiting for a consult or procedure, they can play with several different games and toys available in our waiting room. Our waiting room is designed so your child can relax before coming in to see Dr. Miller or one of his staff members. This helps keep your child calm during normal checkups, fluoride treatments, X-rays, or any other procedure your child may need.


Consults with Dr. Miller and his staff are very important. You and your child can sit together with our staff and discuss any treatments that need to take place and when. These also provide great opportunities for you to ask questions and learn more about preventative care for your child.

The staff will also use this time to educate your child on anything they need to know about proper dental care between visits or following special procedures.

Schedule your child’s first visit at Augusta Pediatric Dentistry today!