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Staff very friendly and helpful. They are very patient and understanding of kids and their anxieties. Very thorough and explained every detail in easy to understand terms. Highly recommend!
Andrea Bruner

Very impressed with our entire visit! The office is done up so nicely, my son loved it. The staff was so great, I can’t believe how well they got my little guy to behave. It will absolutely be our go-to place!
emily cole

My son absolutely loves it here.. they make him feel so comfortable and seem to take there time to talk to them and not be in a hurry to push them out the door for next person.. and they go over every step on what’s going on with your child’s teeth if anything m.. I will never change
stefanie metzgar

It’s always so hard moving to a new area and trying to find new places to replace your most loved ones back home. I absolutely have to have my children’s dentist feel like an extension of our home. My children range from 13 to 1 1/2, so I need a fun, safe place for them to look forward to coming back to with excitement. Dr. Miller’s office and staff is that place for us. Comfort is TOP priority at this office and they will ensure your child is at complete ease with them by engaging in conversation so your child doesn’t just follow behind a complete stranger or have anxiety about leaving the parents side. We’ve had procedures done from cleanings to extractions and are awaiting braces. Every appointment I walk away elated to have such an outstanding team bettering our lives. I love and appreciate our Augusta Pediatric Dentistry!
Nichole Montgomery

My kids and I absolutely love this place!! They have treated us with the upmost respect even my kids! My kids love going to the dentist and that’s so hard to find exceptional service these days. You will definitely not be disappointed coming Augusta Pediatric Dentistry!!!
Kelli LaRue

Augusta Pediatric Dentistry was great! The lobby is super kid friendly trains everywhere. They had Disney playing on the tv which my son enjoyed. The staff are super nice and explained everything which we were able to understanding. Dr. Miller is a wonderful guy and was really nice to meet. So overall the visit went exceptionally well and I would definitely recommend it to others!
Quay Madison

My daughter went in for her 1st ever dentist appointment, and she loved it. The staff did a great job making it fun for her and letting her be involved. She loved it. Her favorite part was the photo she got to take home.
We also took my son in who had a cavity. They did a great job educating him about how this happened to his teeth and what he could do to keep it from happening again. They most of really broken it down in a way her understands because he took it all to heart. He continues to tell me it’s best if he just drinks water instead. I would recommend.

Carolyn Sowder

Love his place staff are very nice and friendly been going there for 14 years never disappointed love Dr.Miller
Jacqueline Dang

This is the BEST children’s dentist that practice I’ve ever been to. I thought I’d never find a dental office that could compare to my previous family dentist where we were previously stationed: but – along came Dr. Miller and his team. They are courteous, caring and wonderful with children. I recommend Dr. Miller for all pediatric dental and orthodontic needs. I have four children and they will all be going to Dr. Miller now. Don’t hesitate, you won’t find a better practice for your children!
Isis Vick

We had a wonderful experience! The entire staff was kind and friendly with my young children. They were even excited to come back and have their procedures done. I was well informed every step of the way. I’m very grateful even needing quite a bit done they aren’t traumatized and still think it’s fun to visit the dentist.
Amanda Austin

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Miller and his staff. They are so friendly and will work with your schedule. They make sure your child is comfortable and gets the best care.
Brandy Bray OByrne

They are always giving my 9 year old son the best care and I must say I highly recommend this pediatric denistry! We are a military family so we move around quite frequently, finding a dental office that offers quality care makes me happy. My son is shy but when going here he feels comfortable and at ease. If you’re in the area you should check this office out!
Shawna Outlaw

My child had oral surgery and the staff kept me updated during the entire procedure every 15-30 minutes which I truly appreciated. She had a good experience and has never complained of pain.
Francine Brawner

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Miller and his staff. My son is 10 years old and has never seen another dentist. They always go above and beyond and make sure your child feel safe and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone.
Kevin Hickey

I love everyone at this office. My son is 2 and hates his teeth messed with but they don’t mind at all and they treat him well and try to calm him down so it’s not a terrible experience for either one of us. My daughter is 5 and able to go back on her own when I’m with her brother and they take great care of her. They also love the games they can play in the office and the toy machine!
Jacy Wallace

2 visit in 3 months- Dr. Miller is very professional, thorough with explanations, and puts worried parents at ease. Staff is very friendly and seems they truly care. We were late today, so our time felt rushed but everyone still took the time to make sure we were at ease and fully understood what was going on. Highly recommend!
Kaitlyn Hall Fronebarger

So cool pediatric dentistry staff. They treat everybody like family. So much warmth in this office. Kids love Dr.Miller and staff.♥️
Nadine Crandall

Dr Miller & his staff Go above & beyond on every visit. We have been going for over 10 yrs now & everyone is friendly & knowledgeable. Dr Miller & his techs treat us so well. They explain everything to us & answer any & all questions we have. Dr Miller makes sure he speaks w/us after every appointment.
Michelle McBurney

I love Dr. Miller and his AMAZING staff. They are all employees that I recognize and have dealt with for the past few years since my girls have been his patients. It’s so nice to be comfortable and know exactly who will be assisting with the visit. He takes great care of my girls and clearly his employees as well because the faces never change and we don’t plan on leaving his practice until he retires!! This is by far the most thorough dentist I’ve ever dealt with! Thanks yall!!!!
Sara Majewski

Friendly and caring staff, did a great job calming my very anxious 6 year old, explained everything very well
Lisa Robinson

The staff is so friendly and helpful! They do an excellent job of making it like the kids are going to a different and fun world with the games and toys to help take their mind off the fear of going to the dentist. One of my daughters has a lot of anxiety, and they are always very patient with her!
S Alexander

The staff here is absolutely amazing and helpful. They helped my 2 year old with an extraction and I have never been more impressed with a medical staff before. I highly recommend this pediatric dentistry
Kerstian Short

As a former patient and now a parent of a patient I have many years of experience with Dr. Miller’s Dental Office. As a patient, I have had many years of walking into his office knowing he would do excellent work and give amazing care to pain management. I’ve told many people, as sensitive as my mouth is, I knew when I walked in I would feel little to know pain. Yes, there was much dental work performed in my mouth by Dr. Miller.
Now, our daughter goes to Dr. Miller. She has 18 plus years of experience with him and his staff. I always see her welcomed warmly and cared for with excellent dental work.
The office has a family feel to it. They work well together and always make you feel cared for like family.

Cynthia Baptiste

Dr Miller and his staff are amazing!! They have become family and they always take care of my child to make her feel comfortable. We love this practice!
Molly McDonald

It was a very nice atmosphere for my young kids. The staff is polite and accommodating to our needs. Dr. Miller was kind to my nervous son during the entire appointment.

Such a wonderful place. The staff and Dr. Miller are amazing. All three of my boys go here and we wouldn’t change it. Thank y’all for being great with my boys. Everyone was amazing with my little one today when he unexpectedly had to have some teeth pulled. They got him what he needed quickly and everyone I spoke to was extremely kind and helpful. They kept me updated and took such good care of my sweet boy. He loves Dr. Miller and his staff.
Jessica Buck

As always over the last five years, Dr. Miller and staff treat our girls as family and really, truly care about them! Our 10yr old is never scared about anything she goes in for. If she is nervous, they answer her questions honestly and that sets her at ease! Couldn’t ask for a better pediatric dentist office for our two girls! Only wish they took the parents as well!!
Lisha Ramirez

The pediatric team made my kids and I feel comfortable.
Stephanie Butterfield

Kids had a great visit!
Pamela Capell

Dr. Miller and his staff are awesome. Everyone is very welcoming and my child now loves going to the dentist!
Kiandra B

I love this place my three children have been treated here for years and they love going to the dentist. There us no fear of visits or even of more in depth treatments. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable, there is no place we would rather go and being a military family that moves often it can be hard to find great care.
Diana Edwards

Dr. Miller and his staff are God-fearing, fair, honest, friendly, & compassionate people! I love them so much! They are very thorough with explanations of procedures and what is to be expected. They interact extremely well with the children and make sure they remain comfortable. My son actually enjoys going to the dentist!
Taneshia Wood

We love this place 💙Military friendly and the staff was incredible and so nice. All of the staff is very knowledgeable and kind. Will definitely be back and highly recommend.
Hannah Garcia

They are awesome!!
Deanna Robinson

The staff and Dr. Miller are extremely friendly and very supportive of my son. I call them whenever my son is experiencing any pain and they make a way to see him immediately. He loves going to the dentist because of the kid friendly atmosphere. He is comfortable with all the staff and loves that they treat him like an old friend.
Tonitta Bradshaw

Dr. Miller and his staff are always very professional and go out of there way to provide exceptional service.
Andrew White

ALWAYS the BEST…the BEST professionalism with a healthy dose of humor, the BEST administrative staff ( love ya sweet Vicki!), the BEST dental staff providing the BEST dental care and of course, THE BEST dentist, Dr Miller. Merry Christmas from the Wolford Family!
Colleen & John Wolford

Dr. Miller is by far the best pediatric dentist and his staff is amazing. Would not take my kids anywhere else!
Amanda Prior

All three of my children have been going here for about three years My kids and I absolutely love this office. They have had several procedures done and still get very excited when it’s time to go back to the dentist. All staff is very nice and kind they will help in any kind of way possible. I’m honestly glad we had to pick a new dentist when we did. Now I hope my kids insurance never changes to one that is not accepted here.
Carla Meuse

Knowledgeable and friendly staff with great service.
Jenny Bennett

I called Dr. Miller’s office and got an appointment for the next day. My daughter was taken care of and her pain has subsided. Thanks!
Sharon Chavous

Love the staff! Love it even more that there are a lot of the same faces from when I was a patient as a child! Wouldn’t want to take my child anywhere else
Amber Langham

My 3 year old took a spill on a Saturday afternoon and cracked his tooth. It is almost impossible to find a pediatric dentist who will see you on a Saturday afternoon. Most dentists we called said to just take him to the ER. Luckily Dr. Miller was available and saved us a whole lot of frustration and money. His office is warm and inviting for kids and he handled our issue for us to our satisfaction. I would definitely recommend him.
Joe Kursch

My son loves coming here. He used to be really concerned about going to the Dentist and now he has no problems at all. They always explain everything to me, and I never feel like they’re pressuring me to buy or do anything that doesn’t need to be done.
Christina Elam

I have been a patient here and now my daughter is a patient. She loves the atmosphere and how kid friendly the office is. Like myself, she likes that Dr. Miller is very nice and quick with service.
Mel Thomas

Absolutely the best pediatric dental office in town. Caring wonderful staff that take great care of your kids. They have been so helpful with all 4 of our kids. Dr. Miller is patient and knowledgeable and I highly recommend them to anyone!
Lori Stripling

Everyone was so wonderful! My son was not scared at all because the dentist, assistants and hygienists were so friendly and great with him!
Sonya Flakes

One of the best Dentistry’s in Augusta.
Yimaira Castillo

Dr. Miller and his staff are the best, courteous staff and a kid friendly office. My children have been going here for over 10 years. I would definitely recommend them.
Karen Bostick

I’m truly grateful to have come to Dr Miller’s practice. He and his staff are extremely caring and kind people. The care that was shown to my son and myself was extremely refreshing. I have found a dentist that we can truly say, “this is the beginning to a great and prosperous relationship.”

We just moved to the area and I had to find a new dentist for my 3 children, one of which was to experience his very first visit to the dentist. Dr. Miller and his staff are so amazing! My youngest son went back all on his own and had a wonderful experience, ensuring that he has a great first impression of a Dentist. My older two children also had a great experience and were so excited to get their coins at the end of their visit for their prize! As a mom at an appointment with three young children I will say they made my experience easy and as smooth as possible, as well as being very thorough and informative.
Cacy Collins

I can’t say enough good about this dental office. My 2-year-old has an injury to his tooth and lip from a fall. They got him in same day and were able to put me at ease. They took such good care of him and made us both feel comfortable.
Dr. Miller even gave him a hug at the end. Best pediatric dentist we’ve ever been to. We have 4 kids and he is amazing with all of them.

Susan Riddick

They went above and beyond trying to help us with our insurance issues. They also made both of our young girls feel at ease during their procedures. Thank you all so much!!
Carrie Cavazos

We have been seeing this wonderful staff for about 16 years. My children don’t know any other dentists and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The staff works harmoniously together and are amazing!
Shirley Joyce Whigham

I love this office!! The dentist is amazing and his staff treats you like family. Very warm and loving environment my daughter has been a patient here since she was 1.
Christina Jones

This is the best Pediatricts dentistry experience we have had. I love the attention and care for my daughter and the top notch service.
Leonela Salabarria

Dr. Miller and his staff are amazing! They were able to squeeze us in at the last minute, even being a new patient. My son instantly felt comfortable and the staff laid out a plan perfectly fit for our needs. Dr. Miller isn’t only interested in how to fix an oral problem now but how that fix will affect the future of his patients. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff!
Ashley Floyd

Both of my sons are patients of Dr. Miller and we couldn’t ask for a better dentist and staff. They are awesome recently my youngest was very scared of getting his spacer and literally freaked out when we arrived. They all took such great care and all wanted to reassure that it wasn’t going to hurt him. I would recommend them to anyone! They are the best!!!
Priscilla Ford

Great Staff! My 8yr old daughter loves to go to her appointments. And she said it’s not just for the toys. Lol! But, I agree Dr. Miller and his staff always put the kids health first! And kids can feel that.

Amazing, professional and pleasant service especially under the current circumstances. My 7 yr old grand daughter cried when we arrived to have a cavity filled today. However, she left very happy and Says she had fun.

They’re amazing. They know my daughter by name and took great care of her. She was so proud of herself when she left and she lived the prizes they gave at the end!!
Retha Anderson

Great pleasant place for kids! Friendly staff and they do just about everything under one roof, which is a plus! My children love going to the dentist! Highly recommend!
Tiffany Harding

Dr. Miller and his incredible staff are extremely patient with my child who can be very nervous in any medical situation. They have a way of encouraging him and praising him when he is brave! We absolutely love this office. Thank you Augusta Pediatric Dentistry!
Heather Youngs

Dr. Miller is so great with children and the staff is so wonderful and friendly! I recommend Dr. Miller to everyone I know with children because he takes care for his patients beyond measures and his assistants love children and make them feel comfortable!!! Thank you for everything y’all do for my daughter!!!
Ashley Garland

Very friendly and attentive staff. They go over every little detail with you and are ready to answer any questions or concers. Couldn’t be in better hands!
Sara Walker

This great experience starts at the front desk with Mrs. Vicki. She has an awesome personality and stays on top of all appointment needs. The staff is very friendly and are very patient with the kids. They always explain procedures so you as well as the child knows what to expect. At the end of the visit, you will sit down with Dr. Miller as he talks you through any concerns that may need to be addreased as well as solutions. I’m happy to use this office and will highly recommend them.
Chandra Murphy

This is an awesome team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals. We have had several dental issues with our 4 children that Dr. Miller and the staff have addressed with an incredible balance of proaction and conservatism for the best end result for our children’s health.
Robert Steudle

My daughter who has severe anxiety issues with dentists has fallen in love with the people here. They are wonderful and take the time to make sure she is comfortable. This is the first out of five dentists we have been to that she hasn’t screamed or cried. I would recommend them to any and everyone!
Rachael Clark

Dr. Miller and his staff are wonderful! They explain everything thoroughly before and after any procedures. They are very friendly and welcoming.
Christie Curry

Everyone in their office from Doctor Miller on down have always been very understanding compassionate willing to go above and beyond their job to help make you feel at home more like part of their family.All the money in the world wouldnt/couldn’t buy my grandchildren any better care than Mr. Miller & all his staff. My grandchildren love going to the dentist.. How many children or adults for that matter do you know that like going to the dentist??? Dr. Miller and All his staff have been a true Blessing to us…. Heaven sent.
I’m truly glad that they have put up with me and care for my two grandsons. Thank yal
Have a Blessed Day

Love Sherry(GG) Wells
Jason & Jayce Shipman

Great caring staff. Wonderful service. My kids all love this office. They don’t fear going to the dentist.
Lori Densmore

They are so thoughtful, kind and sweet with not only the kids but the parents as well. Really a stellar experience!
Bailey Warner

Great staff! They are all so welcoming and gives off a family feel. Dr. Miller is thorough and great with the kids.
Sasha Willis

Kind and patient staff, kid-friendly environment, takes extra time in explaining dental care plan. Patient, helpful, and understanding! Very pleased!
LeeAnn Byrd

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I loved this office when my son was younger. I still refer people here, and always will. Dr Miller and his staff are the BEST at what they do.
Kerston Bell

Very caring and conservative approach with my 3 year old. He’s excited to go back for his next cleaning.
Crystal Brown

We always have a wonderful experience! The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. They’re all awesome with little ones and parents, alike.
Shulonda Briggins

Dr. Miller and staff are amazing. They make the experience for my kids much more desirable. Thank you 🙂
Mindy Hamel

Best dentistry in Augusta! The staff is always kind and friendly. They always make my kids feel at ease and at home. Fantastic!
Benjamin Clark

We love Augusta Pediatric Dentistry!! The staff are all really sweet and gentle to my 4 yr old. And Dr. Miller is wonderful with the kids!!
leona smith

Great dentist. My kids look forward to visiting. The staff and dentist make my kids feel comfortable and safe.
Kelly Paxton

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. My daughter actually looks forward to going to the dentist! 🙂
Amy Nunnally

Staff is caring and professional. They explain everything in detail.
sharon oglesby

This place is absolutely amazing. The staff is wonderful and the Doctor is great with my kids. Absolutely recommend!
Lucy Zebro

From Mrs Vickie at the front desk all the way to each person in the back- wonderful and caring staff ❤️
Nicky Turner

I have a one year old was skeptical we need to go to dentist at this age, but staff was great. It was a good experience from start to finish.
Shay Lopez

My kids LOVE coming here.
Stephanie Cumbermack

Always an amazing experience! Dr. Miller and staff are fantastic!! We truly look forward to our visits
Katrina Davis

They are very professional in their work and nice people family oriented.
Magnolia Klabu

Friendly and courteous staff. Someone always greets you with a smile!
Jennifer Alexander

Great experience. Friendly staff. Very detailed with information and procedures!
Keisha Lampkin

I love the entire staff!!!! My daughter loves her visit every time
Kingz Girls

Everything about this office is amazing! The staff is wonderful and I always feel comfortable knowing that my child is in good hands.
Jessica Livingston

Great with my 4 y/o daughter….
tywanda blalock

Five stars to the ladie who answer my call, I had a few questions about insurance and she answer everything with patience and respect. Thank You…

The entire staff is always thorough and very helpful. They pay attention to your child’s specific needs.
Jessica Jennings

Extremely friendly people. Very happy I made the switch to Augusta Pediatric.
Christine Johnson

Dr. Miller and his staff are amazing! Mrs. Vicki is the absolute best.
Lacie Irvine

The staff is patient with my children and they are always professional!
Erica Robinson

I just had to share our experience…. My 19 yr old daughter chipped her front tooth this morning around 8am. She really did a job on it, you could see pink at the top of her tooth where the nerve was nearly exposed. We made several calls to dentists in the Augusta area but none had any emergency info on their recordings. Dr Miller’s office message included his cell number so I made the call fully expecting to have to leave a message but his phone was answered on the first ring. He had plans this morning to go fishing but put them on hold to come and help us. His wife and himself were so nice and understanding. They met us at his office exactly when he said he would. They gave my daughter something to help her nervousness and pain. She was kept very comfortable and was also given nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during the procedure. Dr Miller is a perfectionist and didn’t finish until it was perfect. You can’t even tell where the chip was. My daughter and I were very happy with the results. I don’t know if he realized how truly thankful we were to both he and his wife.
Kellie Brisard

Always a wonderful experience, super friendly and professional staff.
Iliana Brenes

Great people, did their job well, and I helped teach someone
Micah Steudle

Really friendly staff that is great with kids. Very thorough and informative.
Kevin Briggins

Best place to take a child. Very impressed!
Diane Wilson

Everyone was great very friendly and they are all great with kids and very patient.. Thanks Augusta pediatric dentistry….
Brooke Boyd

Great, friendly & fast service as always. Love the staff.
Brittny Dobbins

Absolutely the best hands down.My baby had an energy to his lip that could’ve very well fractured his teeth without hesitation, they got him in within an hour of my phone call. Thanks to the entire staff.
tameka johnson

My had his sealants applied. Fast and painless!
C Langley

I absolutely love the staff at Dr. Miller’s office.
Kelli Lewis

The most recent visit was excellent as always I’ve been taking my grandchildren there for over 2 years and the staff is great they’re always nice Im not always that easy of a person to get along with/deal wíth but no matter what there always the most kind caring understanding compassionate people that I’ve ever encountered in my life my grandchildren the love going there most most don’t like the dentist grandmother even asked if she could go there LOL. Words could never explain but this I do know no matter the money or in the world it would be any better service than Dr Miller’s office with staff.
Thanks Sherry Wells(GG)
Have a Blessed Day

Amazing staff! They are very personable and loving!!
Stephanie Jordan

Dr. Miller and his staff are absolutely wonderful.
Michelle Dailey

Have been using them for years, great service.
Jessika Brenes

Amazing! Great staff and Dr. Miller is wonderful. A very comforting atmosphere and friendly/caring staff makes dental visits a breeze.
Jordy B.

I absolutely LOVE the dentist office, the staff is AWESOME!
yvonne valentine

The staff is very friendly and helpful!
Adrienne Benjamin

The absolute best service and staff.
Sara Baughman

We love this place.
Ann Woods

My 5 yr old had 4 baby teeth removed this morning. He has had no pain since the anesthesia has worn off.
Karen Steudle

Best staff ever!!
Kendria Lane

Best pediatric dentist in Augusta
Courtney Hatcher

Best Dentist ever :-)))
Bella Starks