Before an Oral Exam

In preparation for an oral exam, our staff makes sure they have all the information necessary to make sure the exam goes smoothly. This helps us provide your child with the information they need to keep their teeth healthy and shiny between visits and throughout their lives.

Here is a brief breakdown of what to expect before and during an oral exam.

Health History

Our staff make sure to go over your child’s health history in a way that prepares them to move forward with the exam. The interview is thorough, covering everything from your own experience with dental care, your child’s health history, and any teeth moving in or around the mouth. Using this information, we’re able to move forward with the exam in the most effective way we can.

The Exam

Our oral exam is very detailed, which means you and your child get all the information they need to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Because knowledge is your best defense in support of dental health, we make sure you’re aware of potential issues that may arise or problems discovered during the exam. Should anything come up, our preventative care tips will help your child know how to avoid further dental decay moving forward, as well as different options for how to address any problems right then.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Augusta Pediatric Dentistry is equipped with two intraoral cameras and two TVs, so you and your child can see up close what our staff are looking at in your child’s mouth. We find that this makes the entire experience more comfortable for children, since they can see exactly what’s happening. It’s like watching a real-life movie where their teeth get to be the stars!

Communication is Key

Our staff make sure that there is lots of communication between us and you throughout the exam. Because some procedures are more complicated than others and because every case is different, our staff make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way. This not only provides you with the information your child needs, but can help them feel calm throughout the exam as well.

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