Preventative Care

Augusta Pediatric Dentistry is not only concerned with regular checkups and repairs on any damaged teeth. Our staff cares about maintaining current dental health and preventing any type of damage or problems from occurring. After all, the best dental care doesn’t happen in our office; it happens in your home.

Dr. Miller helps educate you and your child on the best practices for avoiding cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and other common dental health problems. He knows that knowledge is your best tool against future dental problems.

If an issue does arise, Dr. Miller will help you understand how it happened and how your child can avoid it in the future. Since Dr. Miller has been practicing pediatric dentistry since 1975, he knows the best, tried-and-true ways to keep your child’s smile shining. He also regularly keeps himself up to date on the latest and greatest methods being studied.

At Augusta Pediatric Dentistry, our staff take the time with both you and your child so you can be fully equipped to keep your child’s teeth looking great. We know that swift “in and out the door” experiences are never helpful, which is why we make sure to take the appropriate amount of time with each of our patients.

There are many different ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy, strong, and gleaming white. Since every child is different, every child’s needs are different. Our staff can help suggest a variety of ways that can fit your child’s lifestyle and needs, so if one option doesn’t work there are likely several other ways you and your child can prevent damaging dental problems.

Remember, the Augusta Pediatric Dentistry office isn’t just a place for your child to get a checkup. It’s a place where you and your child can learn about dental health together so their teeth remain stronger, longer. Schedule an appointment today!